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From slightly odd to downright strange: Unusual things that are ordinary...but extraordinary

Best-looking mower ever

Who cares if it works? It's
a mower any biker would
love to own. See more
creative D.I.Y. things at
Unusual Ingenuity

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A new one for our
"Unusually Dumb" file

Balloon high fashion
Nice, but it's easy to see
why they didn't catch on:
You can't sit down in a
dress made of balloons.

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Unusual  Things

Everyday objects can become extraordinary, and extraordinary things can be made from ordinary materials

<- Here's proof ->



Seen something
unusual lately?
Snap some pix and send them in!
Unusual Things


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Glue-it-yourself wedding gown

D.I.Y. Toiletpaper
wedding dresses

Some brides have actually
made their own gowns in a
contest to see who could
make the most beautiful dress
out of ordinary tissue paper.
The dress shown above is
made with ordinary toilet paper.
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Rough, but it beats a tent..

Class C Truck camper
One of our favorite things is
seeing unusual
and trucks, including R.V.s
of every kind.(Above/below)

Another weird camper


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